episode 11: holistic care and healing the mind, body, and spirit
Birth and Beyond · 27 minutes ·

episode 11: holistic care and healing the mind, body, and spirit

The shortest episode we have ever recorded perfectly timed with our Season 2 premiere… Wait until you see why.

I’ll be talking to (read: about) Kristine McGlinchey, author of Momtras: Mantras for Mindful Moms, which she wrote after years of working in corporate America prior to her own journey through motherhood. @Kristine_McGlinchey is an intuitive teacher and an energy healer and you’ll find out exactly what this season’s content is ALL ABOUT 😉 I’ll go deeper into energy healing and what it really is BUT spoiler alert— you probably do some of these and don’t even know you’re working on energy healing.

I also briefly touch on the effect trauma has on our DNA and what this means for us in terms of healing.

Let me know if you guys enjoy this episode and these topics— send me all your questions and get ready because I have SO much more of this coming your way.

Kristine’s Instagram— @Kristine_McGlinchey

BOOK— Momtras: Mantras for Mindful Moms



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Divine Energy information: https://jessicazimmerman.com/blog/uncovering-divine-femininity-the-truth-and-relief-in-discovering-the-masculine-and-feminine-energies

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