Izabella Ritz and Kevin King | Avoid these Account Ruining Mistakes
Amazon Made Simple · 48 minutes ·

Izabella Ritz and Kevin King | Avoid these Account Ruining Mistakes

On this episode of Amazon Made Simple, Izabella Ritz is joined by Kevin King, who shares that in his experience, not understanding costs and margins in detail is the root problem for both new and experienced sellers.

Avoiding expensive mistakes and understanding ALL the costs (to name a few: production, shipping, storage fees, fulfillment fees, import duties, taxes, marketing fees, etc.) of the product go together hand-in-hand. Just as we do for our clients here at Ritz Momentum, starting with a detailed strategy and budget avoids a lot of the perfectly preventable “surprises” down the product development road. Without the numbers, the only one making money is Amazon, not you.


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