Nature, Connection & Purpose - Tim Corcoran - 324
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Nature, Connection & Purpose - Tim Corcoran - 324

Did you know I took my son on a 5-day father’s son wilderness survival trip a few months ago? 

It was so amazing. And, did you also know connecting with nature by just taking a brisk walk at your local park is good for improving your mental health and emotional well-being? Just stepping away from my phone and laptop for 5 days was the kind of digital detox I needed. 

Back when I was lost in my life, nature was always there for me. Nature is a big family value of ours. That’s why I wanted to take my son on this powerful trip. Good nature time, good father-son bonding time. Our guide on the trip was so solid, I wanted to have him on the podcast to share more of why it’s so key to get outside. This guy has a ton of experience and it was so great to jam about nature, connection, and purpose. 

If you’re interested to know how immersing in nature can expand your awareness and find your true calling, you’ll want to check out the podcast. 


  • 3:50 Introduction Tim Corcoran
  • 6:15 The importance of having a connection with nature
  • 13:20 Connecting with yourself through nature
  • 19:45 Giving back and helping others to create a connection with nature
  • 24:25 First steps towards finding your purpose
  • 30:20 Listening to yourself and your emotions
  • 38:50 The father-son / mother-daughter experiences
  • 49:15 Advice for people who want to reconnect with nature and themselves
  • 56:45 Action Step

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