Easing Out of Our Clutter & What Our Parents Left Behind  GUEST: Sharon McRill

Easing Out of Our Clutter & What Our Parents Left Behind GUEST: Sharon McRill

Any chance you have "stuff?" Or, whatever you prefer to call it!

Maybe, you've had it for awhile, and you're attached to it.

Maybe, you are always saying you're going to deal with it.

Maybe, you just inherited it from parents who have passed.

Maybe, it's a HUGE energy leak, and every time you think about it, you want to run away!

Maybe, today is the day it will all make sense how to go about deciding what stays and what goes, what you keep and what you release.

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Clutter is something we hear about often, and read about. Somehow, this information is slanted to make it sound like clutter is always a bad thing. No judgment here! We've all heard about the positives of creative clutter, too.

What's clear, though, is that you want to have consciously decided what to keep in your possession because you want to have consciously chosen to do so. Today's interview will shed a whole lot of light on clearing the clutter, and knowing exactly what you have, and what you want to keep.

Of course, there are many kinds of clutter: physical clutter, emotional clutter, mental clutter, financial clutter, and so on. Today, of course, I talk a little about emotional clutter, and why that's just as important--if not more so in my not so humble opinion...lol--to deal with. Most often, emotional and physical clutter reflect one another, and that's a fine reason for taking the time to listen to how to reduce both today.

GUEST: Sharon McRill, Owner and President of The Betty Brigade.a personal assistance and concierge company working from Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sharon McRill likes to help busy people get things done. The Better Brigade helps busy professionals with moving, home staging, organizing, and handy-man services--with virtually anything clients need done but have no time to do themselves.

Laid off from a corporate marketing job in 2003, Sharon turned joblessness into an opportunity in the midst of an ailing economy. As a busy professional herself, she'd fantasized about having a personal assistant. She has grown her team to ten members, including professionals in organizing, home project management, and staging.

What an engaging and enlightening--in every sense of the word--conversation. Here are the highlights:


  • What leads you to have an emotional relationship with your stuff?
  • Why is it so hard to let go of some things?
  • Is it necessary to let go of stuff?
  • What is helpful to replace the thoughts, "What if I need it again?" or "It's still good?"
  • What about hoarding? Why does it happen and can you help?
  • What should you do with treasures from another era that you don't really like?
  • And, what business papers do I HAVE TO KEEP and for how long?


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