10 - Queen's Park Swizzles and Speed Rack with Sarah Troxell
Bottle Episode · 59 minutes ·

10 - Queen's Park Swizzles and Speed Rack with Sarah Troxell

In this episode, we talk about the Queens Park Swizzle in all its glory! A refreshing, long drink with a lot of flavor. Sarah Troxell, the reigning Speed Rack champion also talks about what Speed Rack is and what it stands for. And of course, there are some goofs and good times as well. Did we finish this episode before Lan had to get to work? Was Lan late to work because of recording? ... We'll never tell;)

....(he was)

Queen's Park Swizzle

2oz Rum (Preferably aged)

.75oz Lime Juice

.75oz Simple Syrup

10 Mint Leaves

10-20 dashes Angostura Bitters

Add the mint leaves, simple, and lime to a collins glass, then lightly muddle the herbs. Add the rum and crushed ice and swizzle for about 8 seconds. Top with Angostura bitters, add more crushed ice and a mint sprig for garnish and enjoy! If you're feeling real fancy, you can add some powdered sugar over the top as well.

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