Money, Fame, Power, or Pleasure? What Is Your Idol?
The 200% Life · 37 minutes ·

Money, Fame, Power, or Pleasure? What Is Your Idol?

Do you have idols? We're not talking celebrities or mentors - we're talking things you idolize in such a way they influence your decision making. This week, Hallie and I draw our inspiration from New York Times Bestseller, Social Scientist, and Speaker, Arthur Brooks, by talking about the four main idols that drive us subconsciously: money, fame, power, and pleasure. This is a great exercise you can do with your team, your partner, and most importantly — yourself, to give you a better picture of what drives you and guides you to make certain choices. I run through the four idols with Hallie and she talks about her relationship with each one, along with different examples of how idols show up differently in each individual. (See full show notes.)

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