What is Happening in the US? Sade Sati (pt.2)
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What is Happening in the US? Sade Sati (pt.2)

Welcome back! Today we will continue the discussion about Sade Sati with Forensic Astrologer, Valerie Evans. It has been quite a delay in the continuation of this discussion, which actually demonstrates some of the chaotic energy we discuss in this episode. Valerie will continue to teach us about what Sade Sati is, as well as the effects that will manifest physically as a result of this energy for the US collective as a whole according to astrology. As I mentioned, Valerie is a Forensic Astrologer, which essentially means she uses astrology to help solve crimes. She has worked with both domestic (US) and international law enforcement in these endeavors. Valerie also has a Youtube channel and website I will include below. Valerie is no stranger to the show, and in fact we may even collaborate more in the near future so stay tuned for that! 

https://forensicastrologer.com - Valerie's Website!

https://www.youtube.com/@forensicastrologer - Valerie's Youtube

Valerie also has a book, Forensic Astrology 101, which you can find here if you want to learn more about how forensic astrology works first hand!

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