Today I experienced an overwhelming influx of negative thoughts about money. Fears, doubts worries. All the stuff that I gathered throughout my 20 years here on Earth. Thankfully, I regained my present moment awareness and realized that these thoughts coming up, are very very important.   

These beliefs coming up to the surface and shouting loudly in my mind, have given me a chance to heal, and create new, empowering beliefs. Just like in therapy, you bring the hidden to light, by shedding light, you are in a position of power to realign yourself and live from your authentic nature.   

So, one thing I would like to remind people is that when these "mind attacks" come up, where it seems like you are entirely out of control and the mind is thinking so quickly and you can't keep up. This is a necessary step toward you reclaiming your power. For some, it's loneliness, with beliefs that a relationship will complete them. For others, it's accomplishments, with beliefs that they are unworthy unless they achieve. Whatever it is for you, do not resist these thoughts coming up, do not wish for reality at this moment to be different. Do not wish for your mind to be clear, for these beliefs to leave. Just be here now, be conscious, and sometimes it's powerful to place your trust in what I call "God" but others it may be "Mother Nature" or your "Higher Self". Just let go, and surrender to the power that creates worlds, the power that beats your heart 100 thousand times a day. You are guided, you are loved, by something that cannot be explained in this dimension. Placing trust, may not always be easy. So do not beat yourself up if you can't let go. Just bless and love whatever situation you are in, and appreciate the process. You are on your way to bigger and better things, I promise.
I hope this has helped you as it has just recently changed shifted my paradigm. Thanks!

How would you realign yourself and develop beliefs that empower you? Please let me know, I am always wanting to learn different ways and means. Thanks again.

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