Ep. 7 | Arts Education and Cultural Responsiveness: Holly Bass
Changing Arts with Tom O'Connor · 34 minutes ·

Ep. 7 | Arts Education and Cultural Responsiveness: Holly Bass

Tom talks with Holly Bass, teaching artist and National Director of Turnaround Arts at the Kennedy Center, about the power of arts education to deliver culturally responsive experiences that can have a liberatory effect on the lives of students. They talk about Holly's career as a teaching artist and how that shapes her perspective on Turnaround Arts, as well as the ways arts organizations can live in community, and resist the white saviorism mentality that often permeates arts education programs.

Tom quotes an article that Holly wrote, "Teaching Artists as Culture Shift Workers." Read that full article here: https://jonathanbtucker.com/poetrytat-2/holly-bass/. In addition, Holly and Tom refer to Zaretta Hammond's book "Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain." For more information and to purchase the book, visit Zaretta Hammond's website: https://crtandthebrain.com/book/. For more on Turnaround Arts, visit: www.turnaroundarts.kennedy-center.org. For more on Tom O'Connor Consulting Group, visit: www.tomocgroup.com.

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