Google Cloud's Andi Gutmans: What's Driving Database Migrations and Modernization
Cloud Database Report Podcast · 25 minutes ·

Google Cloud's Andi Gutmans: What's Driving Database Migrations and Modernization

The adoption of cloud databases is accelerating, driven by business transformation and the need for database modernization. 

In this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, founding editor John Foley talks with Andi Gutmans, Google Cloud's GM and VP of Engineering for Databases, about the platforms and technologies that organizations are using to build and manage these new data environments. 

Gutmans is responsible for development of Google Cloud's databases and related technologies, including Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Spanner, and Firestore. In this conversation, he discusses the three steps of cloud database adoption: migration, modernization, and transformation. "We're definitely seeing a tremendous acceleration," he says. 

Gutmans talks about the different types of database migrations, from "homogenous" migrations that are relatively fast and simple to more complex ones that involve different database sources and target platforms. He reviews the tools and services available to help with the process, including Google Cloud's Database Migration Service and Datastream for change data capture. 

Gutmans provides an overview of the "data cloud" model as a comprehensive data environment that connects multiple databases and reduces the need for organizations to build their own plumbing. Data clouds can "democratize" data while providing security and governance. 

Looking ahead, Google Cloud will continue to focus on database migrations, developing new enterprise capabilities, and providing a better experience for developers. 

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