Teradata SVP Ashish Yajnik: What Is an 'Intelligent' Multi-Cloud
Cloud Database Report Podcast · 28 minutes ·

Teradata SVP Ashish Yajnik: What Is an 'Intelligent' Multi-Cloud

Many of Teradata's customers continue to manage enterprise data warehouses on premises, while transitioning to cloud services over months or years. Yajnik is responsible for Teradata’s product transformation to the cloud, which is a high priority as the company repositions its data warehouse platform for use in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

Over the past few months, Teradata has struck industry partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure. Recent customer announcements include Telefonica, Volkswagen, and Tesco. 

Key topics from the interview include: 

  • Teradata's priorities for the year ahead
  • Strategic collaboration with AWS on product development and integration of Vantage on AWS
  • Expanding use of AI & ML in Teradata environments
  • Customer projects, including Volkswagen for smart factories
  • What Teradata is doing to enable increased data sharing
  • Teradata’s core strengths in this fast-changing competitive market

Quotes from the podcast: 

  • "What we are embarking on is to make this whole multi-cloud journey much more intelligent and not so accidental for our customers."
  • "Our customers  require a  unified architecture from both companies [Teradata and AWS] in order to modernize and build their data and analytics platform."
  • "We are seeing a ton of interest in the analytics roadmaps, especially in the context of these industry data models."
  • "We've seen customers go to competitors, hit a brick wall in terms of their scaling needs, and come back to Vantage."
  • "Not all analytics are created equal."

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