Can I Boop Your Nose 3 Times?  with Mia Schachter
IF I MAY BE SO BOLD · 65 minutes ·

Can I Boop Your Nose 3 Times? with Mia Schachter

In this episode we are lucky enough to speak with The Consent Wizard themself: Mia Schachter. We discuss the important distinction between wanting to do something vs. being willing to do it, and learning to identify when you're making an offer vs. making a request. We also revisit the 2018 Aziz Ansari controversy, and explore the reasons why cisgendered men are resistant to signing up for Mia's consent courses.

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Mia's Insta: @consentwizard

Oumou: @connectwithoumou

CJ Miller: @cjkittenmiller

Mistress Vivienne: @mistress.vivienne


Here’s the class Mia and Meenadchi taught together for Mental Health Professionals about pronouns:

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