Can you fix climate change?
Thinking Is Cool · 35 minutes ·

Can you fix climate change?

Probably not :( :( but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a part to play in mitigating the likelihood of climate disaster! 

This week on Thinking Is Cool, I’m exploring the ways we as individuals can engineer a world that’s both livable and worth living in for future generations. Because at our current rate of environmental degradation, that’s looking harder and harder.

So what can you—someone who’s neither Joe Biden nor Greta Thunberg—do to ensure the world doesn’t go up in flames by the time you retire to Naples in a few decades? I’ve got an idea or two. Listen to find out what they are.

Who you’ll hear from this episode:

  • James Casey, my cool college environmental economics professor
  • David Wallace-Wells, the cool climate writer Professor Casey turned me on to five years back

Listen if you’re looking for a little hope and a lot of insight. Remember, thinking is cool and so are you.

Season 1 of Thinking Is Cool is brought to you by HMBradley, our exclusive launch sponsor. Deposit accounts are provided by Hatch Bank, Member FDIC. Credit cards are issued by Hatch Bank under a license with Mastercard. This is a paid endorsement.

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