300 - Pixar's Sodas
Episode One · 110 minutes ·

300 - Pixar's Sodas

When Pepsi is purchased at a Naperville Circle K, Coke and his friends go on the adventure of a lifetime to track her down.

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Starring Hasan Piker, Felix Biederman, Raina Douris, and Zola Jesus

Featuring Will Menaker, Matt Christman, Nate Ruess, Alex Press, Cameron Fetter, Caleb Pitts, Patrick Doran, Julian Feeld, Alex Nichols, Branson Reese, Dan Boeckner, Titas Antanas Vilkaitis, Michael Hudson, Sweet Palma, John Semley, Alana Branson, Tom, Hesse, Derek, Wererat (Joel, TJ, and Elliott), and a text-to-speech thing

Written by Alex Branson, Charles Austin, Andrew Hudson, and Felix Biederman

Song by Charles Austin, Nate Ruess, and Raina Douris

Artwork by Branson Reese

Edited by Charles Austin

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