Special Bonus Episode: “Fascinating Stuff, This Pricing” (Can We Talk About It?)
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Special Bonus Episode: “Fascinating Stuff, This Pricing” (Can We Talk About It?)

In honor of Conrad Saam's recent appearance on this program, we're sharing an episode of his show Lunch Hour Legal Marketing for you to hear. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe for more Conrad and Gyi Tsakalakis.
Conrad and Gyi take on the elephant in the courtroom. Clio’s Legal Trend Report shows us potential clients are interested in both pricing and payment plans, but as lawyers, we’re reluctant to go there. Why? 
Explore options on how you can better position yourself. Are you less expensive than the competition? More efficient? A better value? Dig into the marketing opportunities that make you special based, in part, on your pricing model. Hey, the other guy is doing it. If it’s something you’ve never considered, it’s probably time you did. 
And in the news (maybe related, just a bit!) we’re seeing a spike in inflation, even if the Fed wants to call it transitory. Look around, everything seems to be going up … except legal fees? Plus, Facebook (and its global apps) go down. In legal tech, what’s up with Smokeball legal matter management? Changes in Google marketing? Let’s talk. 

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