007: Slug skin, Nicole Kidman's biceps & Moulin Rouge
Are We Dressing Up? · 74 minutes ·

007: Slug skin, Nicole Kidman's biceps & Moulin Rouge

This week we do a skincare check-in to see what everyone's up to. Caitlin discusses moving to discount beauty, while Ella combats dry lizard skin. Both of us are on board for hyaluronic acid!! Speaking of amazing skin we deep dive Nicole Kidman, discussing the Perfect Magazine photoshoot, huge biceps, and who would win in a fight: Madonna or Nicole. Caitlin then recaps Nicole through the tabloids and her affinity for short kings.
We then go into a dissection of Moulin Rouge, including the Baz Luhrmann of it all. Ella brings fun trivia, and we have a surprisingly wholesome Paddington 2 tangent.

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At 55, Nicole Kidman Is Seriously Ripped All Over In New 'Perfect' Magazine Cover Photos (Women's Health Magazine)

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