How To Increase The Value of Your Online Course
Earn More As A Life Coach · 21 minutes ·

How To Increase The Value of Your Online Course

Offers that are the easiest to deliver are generally the hardest to sell.They need sophisticated marketing strategies and tools to convert.And when you have been serving your clients one on one, and you’re a great life coach, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great marketer.So what we see is an ever-increasing online course graveyard out there, where the dreams of many life coaches go to ground (but not before they have sunk a few thousand getting the tech and design help to create their amazing course).And if you are one of those life coaches (or were thinking of becoming a course creator), I want to share some ideas to resurrect your course. Because most online coaching courses are essentially DIY for the buyer, they have a low perceived value, and that means unless you are a master of persuasion and conversion, you will struggle to be able to price your course at a price that makes it worth your while.

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