What To Know About A Life Coach Photo Shoot
Earn More As A Life Coach · 22 minutes ·

What To Know About A Life Coach Photo Shoot

As a life coach, establishing and growing your own personal brand is essential to growing and engaging an audience of potential clients and that means sharing who you are on your website and on social media. Now, you can totally get started with taking selfies on your phone with a great ring light or even hiring a new photographer who has great rates to get a few headshots done. Anything but filling your website or socials with stock images or quote squares that avoid any presence of you whatsoever. People want to do business with people, they want to know what you look like and get a sense of who you are and photos to do that so beautifully. So if you’re considering a branding photoshoot as a life coach, I wanted to share some insights and recommendations to first know if the timing is right and to secondly get the most out of the experience.

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