Subtitle today is "how does one become a Christian?"  Usually, we hear of faith, belief, receiving, coming, confessing or calling on Jesus.  But today, we find out there is a step BEFORE that.

After hearing that the Holy Spirit is predicted from 800 years before;  after walking with Jesus for 40 days after his execution; after being reminded that the big cheese DAVID pointed to Jesus, after finding out there is now a fulfillment of reigning on "David's" throne; and possibly most painful: that you, specifically, killed Jesus,  SOMETHING HAPPENS.

They don't exactly come to belief.  They come to more like grief.  They are CUT TO THE HEART.  They are STRUCK within.  

It is the best moment of their lives.  Here is the crazy part: The Holy Spirit who is now being sent worldwide in a new way is starting right here.  He is HELPING them turn this light bulb on in their hearts.  The Holy Spirit, who many of them just mocked is making a way to get ready to do the hardest thing in the world: Change your mind.  Change your heart.

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