Uncertain Forecast, Episode 4 - California Wildfires and Climate Justice

Uncertain Forecast, Episode 4 - California Wildfires and Climate Justice

Welcome to Uncertain Forecast, a podcast series created by the California Center for Ethics and Policy--or “CCEP”--at Cal Poly Pomona. The focus of our podcast is on climate justice, an issue that affects people worldwide, particularly where inequality is greatest, but which is often disguised or invisible.

In this episode of the series we share with you a panel discussion hosted by CCEP on the topic of wildfires, an important topic for California. For this conversation, which I had the pleasure of moderating, we brought together four individuals leading the fight for equitable access to wildfire mitigation and adaptation measures in California. We were joined by researchers, scholars, and people working in the field on behalf of the public and the ecosystems affected by extreme wildfire events, each of whom had unique insight into the many ways wildfires affect people and communities in ways that often don’t make the headlines – invisible to many, listen in to hear how vulnerability and exposure in the face of wildfire are heightened for some, not all.

We ask that if you like what you hear, if you care about these issues, please share our podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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