Episode 1: Is Everyone Disabled?
Yes, We Exist · 60 minutes ·

Episode 1: Is Everyone Disabled?

CW: Experiences of ableism, homophobia.

Hosts Maya Lee and Caliph Riley III kick off the pod with an intro episode. They introduce themselves and share some of their experiences and stories. They discuss what disability means to them and try to answer the question: is everyone technically disabled? This podcast amplifies and affirms the existence of disabled people, highlighting the intersection of disability and other marginalized identities. #yesweexistIG: @yesweexistpod

Website: yesweexist.wixsite.com/podcast

Support us at https://www.patreon.com/yesweexist

Music by Jay Fenner

Partnered with Disability: Identity Culture & Education Club at UMD (ig: @dice.umd)

Sins Invalid  - 10 Principles of Disability Justice 

WGSS290 Bodies in Contention (3 Credits) : Explores the contributions of feminist scholarship in framing and resolving contemporary controversies concerning gendered bodies. It includes the ways in which knowledge about the human body has been shaped by cultural ideas of gender, race, sexuality and ability.

The name of the podcast comes from a longer quote by disability justice activist, Mia Mingus in her speech, Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability. She speaks about the power of our stories for people who are looking for a "yes, we exist."

This episode was recorded in two shorter recording sessions and pieced together - apologies in advance for some wonky audio.

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