AP 448: How Do You Get Into Summitting Peaks || with Emily
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AP 448: How Do You Get Into Summitting Peaks || with Emily

These episodes feature real women from this community who are answering the question "How do you...?" about their various passions and pursuits. Today's episode features 43 year old, mother of 3, Sarah. She is in the midst of a big goal: summitting 48 peaks above 4000 ft in New Hampshire, before she turns 48!
Sarah explains her journey of having a larger goal, breaking it down into a reasonable goal, and even further breaking that down into something totally doable. She is a wonderful example of getting out of that all-or-nothing mindset and tackling the things on our lists bit by bit. You may not be curious about hiking, but there is likely a different version of these "peaks" in your life. This inspirational episode will give you the encouragement to be flexible, to zoom out, and to work towards those goals that are valuable to you. And if hiking is your dream, she has lots of practical tips, too!

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