AP 449: "How can I reset my routines between busy seasons?" || Coaching Call with Taryn
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AP 449: "How can I reset my routines between busy seasons?" || Coaching Call with Taryn

"I need to figure out how to reset some of those routines and some of those self-care habits so that I can feel more fulfilled and less defeated as I show up to my day-to-day life." That's how Taryn, who you'll hear from in this coaching call, described her current struggle. Can you relate?
We all experience seasons in life, and not just the ones where the weather changes. We may have seasons of consistency with our routines and self care that have us feeling really fulfilled. We may then have busy seasons where things like sickness or schedules can really get in our way. In this episode I work with Taryn to break things down, and to help her stay connected to herself as she sets up a plan to get back into the routines that make her feel the best.
Tune in and see how this framework can work to support you before, during, or after your busy season when you personalize it to your situation. 
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