The Thing You're Avoiding is the Thing That Will Give You the Results You Most Want
7 Figure Sistah · 28 minutes ·

The Thing You're Avoiding is the Thing That Will Give You the Results You Most Want

Is your business at a standstill? What if the problem wasn't so much that you didn't know what to do with your business? What if the real problem was that you continuously refused to do it? It's time to talk about the hard truth. What are you avoiding?

Welcome to the 7 Figure Sistah podcast with Dr. Avis. She is a multi-seven-figure business owner who will stop at nothing to reach her goals. In fact, before she got to her current status, she grew her first business to six-figure success in just nine months. 

Today's episode resulted from a life-changing epiphany that Dr. Avis had, which she wants to share with you so you can apply it in your business. Discover the hard things you need to do to get the desired results. 

“What starts out as hard over time becomes easier. Why? Because you become better. You become stronger.” - Dr. Avis

In This Episode:

- The result of refusing to do the HARD work

- Are you avoiding filling your calendar with sales calls because you're afraid to hear the word NO?

- Are you having sales conversations that never end in conversions because you are scared to ASK FOR THE SALE?

- Are you avoiding posting on social media because you are afraid to get NEGATIVE reactions?

- Are you avoiding sending MEDIA PITCHES because you think your business isn't yet big enough, or it's not important enough to acquire media coverage?

- Are you avoiding RAISING YOUR PRICE–the cost that it takes for people to access your time and your brilliance?

- Think about what you have been AVOIDING

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