You Should Already Be A Millionaire
7 Figure Sistah · 11 minutes ·

You Should Already Be A Millionaire

Are you getting paid less as a black woman than your white male counterpart? Do you know how much exactly? The latest figures on the wage gap will shock you – as they did Dr. Avis when she found out. 

True to her style and experience, Dr. Avis flips the script on the narrative around white men earning more by empowering women to break free from exploitation and get paid at a level that is commensurate with their genius. If you understand your value and are ready to become a seven-figure sistah and enjoy the power of writing your own cheques, then Dr. Avis is here to help you get what you deserve. After all, according to the numbers, you should already be a millionaire! 

“What’s particularly disturbing for me is the direction in which this is going. Instead of getting better, the wage gap is getting worse.” – Dr. Avis

In This Episode:

- As of 2022, the black woman’s wage gap stands at 58 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterpart – unpacking that statistic.

- Why black women will never be paid as fairly as white males?

- Why you should already be a millionaire if you were being paid fairly?

- Now is the time to maximize your entrepreneurial spirit.

- If you’re ready, Dr. Avis is here to make this journey real for you!

Learn How to Craft Your Million Dollar Offer: 

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