474: Shift Your Energy Now with Kristen Brown, International Speaker and Author

474: Shift Your Energy Now with Kristen Brown, International Speaker and Author

Kristen Brown is an energy mastery expert who helps you get charged up even during change and stress. She works with companies around the world and has appeared in media like Live with Kelly, Forbes, Working Mother, Psychology Today, and more. Her biggest faults – she is an occasional know-it-all and frequent wine aficionado. She lives in Minneapolis and loves hiking, anything on, in, or near water, and hanging with her dog and daughter.

In this episode, Kristen and Cindra discuss:

  • Her life changing experience lead her to starting her business
  • Why reducing our stress is ever more important
  • How our energy is connected to our emotions
  • Her 5 P’s to help you reduce your stress
  • The Happy Hour Effect and why we love it
  • And how to organize a Work/Life Map


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