122: What is Considered "Normal" Eating?
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122: What is Considered "Normal" Eating?

There’s Diet Culture’s definition of “normal” eating...and then there’s NORMAL eating. In simple terms, “normal eating” is when you’re not obsessing, forcing, or overthinking food.

Eating isn’t black and white like Diet Culture wants us to believe. There’s not a set amount of calories, macros, servings, portion sizes, etc. that you “SHOULD” be eating each day. “Normal” eaters don’t even have the word “should” in their vocabulary when it comes to food.

NORMAL is defined differently for every single one of us - it depends what our bodies want and need in the moment! The key is to tune in and really listen to what your body is asking for without trying to make it fit into diet culture’s definition of “normalcy”. In this episode, we address eating behaviors and thoughts that are important for you to pay attention to in terms of your eating habits.


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The F*ck It Diet book by Caroline Dooner

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