124: Is Sugar "Addiction" Real?
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124: Is Sugar "Addiction" Real?

If you’ve ever had a hard time controlling yourself around desserts, sweets, soda, candy - basically anything containing real sugar - you’ve probably wondered, “Am I addicted to sugar?”

If you would have asked the two of us if sugar addiction is real two years ago, our answer would have been, “YES! OF COURSE,” and we probably would have sent you the cliffnotes version of articles supporting the fact that “sugar lights up the same brain centers as cocaine.” We would have also told you to avoid sugary foods that you tend to binge eat/overeat!

We would have done that because those were the answers we were exposed to on a regular basis through “nutrition” courses, the media, social media, etc.  Now that we’ve embraced Intuitive Eating and we’ve literally challenged ALL of our old belief systems in terms of nutrition and exercise, we began to question whether or not sugar is ACTUALLY addicting...because our experiences weren’t supporting that claim.

In this episode, we share the research we’ve found that proves sugar addiction is not real, and we bring awareness to the flaws in the studies that have “proven” sugar addiction is real.

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