147: Lauren's Cancer Journey: The Beginning Stages & Becoming the True Observer
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147: Lauren's Cancer Journey: The Beginning Stages & Becoming the True Observer

I, Lauren, am 33 years old with 2 boys (almost 6 and almost 2), I’m a wife, daughter, friend, and entrepreneur. and I am battling cancer. ⁣This episode walks you through the beginning stages of my journey - finding out my diagnosis, my treatment plan, and what’s been coming up for me throughout this process. I talk about how I’m becoming the true observer of myself and falling deeply in love with who I am.

Being diagnosed with cancer with 2 toddlers at home has been the biggest challenge I have ever had to face. When I found out the news I was crushed beyond words and so afraid of how my illness would affect all the people around me. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about the cancer in my body. ⁣

I was terrified I would traumatize my kids because now they have a mom who has cancer. My husband would have to basically turn into a single dad and handle so much of the responsibilities. Thankfully we have the most amazing grandparents in the world and my sister who is helping so much!

The thoughts in my head when I was first told I had an 8x13x11 mass in my chest were scary as hell…

⁣What if I don't wake up tomorrow? ⁣

What if this cancer is not treatable? ⁣

What if I never see my kids and family again? ⁣

Am I going to lose my hair? ⁣

Am I going to feel super sick? And for how long? ⁣

Will I ever feel normal again? ⁣

My thoughts were dark and on repeat. ⁣

Once I received my diagnosis, a treatment plan, and all the support in the world I started experiencing more peace, even though most days are a challenge in one way or another. Even with that, I feel this overflow of love and abundance I can’t even put into words. ⁣

I am so freaking grateful I have done so much inner healing work up until this point because now I have all the tools I need to beat the shit out of this cancer and I feel this power deep in my veins.

⁣If sharing my story can help one other person not feel alone, then I did my job. Cancer is very scary but it doesn’t have to be battled alone.

If you’re listening to this and struggling right now please know you have the inner strength to feel love, peace, joy, and abundance, and you can do this! I share my story with you in hopes to show you that all the answers you seek are within. If you’re ready to take the leap into healing this is your sign. We are here for you!

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