Round Table One Off: Iron Range- Future Fortunes with Ben Garrett
and so we meet again · 57 minutes ·

Round Table One Off: Iron Range- Future Fortunes with Ben Garrett

Episode 3.12

Anna and Layne are rejoined by their first ever guest Ben Garrett.  Ben has been writing, recording, and producing music for well over a decade now and is finally releasing his newest project's first album- Future Fortunes.  Iron Ranged, based out of Nashville, TN, combines musical stylings from multiple genres and worked hard to bring their live sound to the studio for this album. 

Join us as we explore the album process, where the music goes next, and what live music as a whole has been like in 2020. 

All of that and more with Ben this week! 

Be sure to pick up the new Iron Range album Future Fortunes on Friday October 23rd wherever you stream or download music! 

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Music on this episode (and every other episode) features a lot of Ben Garrett as well as Landon Sheetz. 

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