Tin Tin Quarantino: Episode 2 (with Nathan Ely)
and so we meet again · 57 minutes ·

Tin Tin Quarantino: Episode 2 (with Nathan Ely)

Episode 2.28 We are joined this week by Nathan Ely, friend of the pod and man of many hats.  Nate talks with us about his job, comedy, Switchfoot, and why Mr. Bean is one of the most important people in the modern era.   All that and more (if you'd believe it!) on this week's weirdo bizarro Tin Tin Quarantino: Episode 2 Music by: Switchfoot, Landon Sheetz, and Ben Garrett (and Yackety Sax)  Find us online:  facebook: @andsowemeetagainpod twitter: @ASWMApod instagram: @andsowemeetagainpod anchor: https://anchor.fm/andsowemeetagain iTunes, google, wherever podcasts are available --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/andsowemeetagain/support

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