8 Months Away From The Racist Diet Industry Part 1: The BS BMI With Guest Elisa Salvat
8 Months Away From Being Fat Again · 65 minutes ·

8 Months Away From The Racist Diet Industry Part 1: The BS BMI With Guest Elisa Salvat

We're back and this time we brought company!! We're starting a 3 Part, that's right 3 PART series with today's show!! Our guest is registered dietician Elisa Salvat and she's here talk about the inherent racism within diet industry and this episode we focus on the BMI and just how much it sucks. Now we know what you're thinking: it's outdated and dumb. You're right, but that's just the surface! We delve into the history and just how screwed up it is for anyone who doesn't look like Greg (white, male, European...yes, European). We're talking about victories, as well as challenges, too! We are so happy to have you with us and we hope you are doing well, staying safe!! Don't hesitate to reach out with your stories, victories, challenges or whatever is on your mind!!!

Reference sources:
"Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia" by Sabrina Strings

**Technical Note: There is a difference in the sound on this episode, we've switched microphones and this happened during the editing process**

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