8 Months Away From The Voltron Of Positivity
8 Months Away From Being Fat Again · 90 minutes ·

8 Months Away From The Voltron Of Positivity

Hey there cutie butts, Greg and Carly (aka Team Awesome) here with a brand new episode!! This week we're talking about weight loss and its effect on mental health. Before you go thinking this is all about "Yeah working out makes me feel better!", well yeah, it does, but we also know how reaching your goals can also take a toll, as well. From buying new clothes to "compliments" people give us to public embarrassment, we're digging in deep with articles and stories. We have some victories, some challenges and Carly has a battle on the street. If you're listening, welcome to Team Awesome!

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How Does Weight Losing A Lot Of Weight Affect Your Mental Health
Handling The Psychological And Emotional Effects Of Dramatic Weight Loss
The Negative Effects Of Weight Loss
How to Win the Mental and Emotional Battle of Losing Weight

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