This week, Annie and Laurie analyze the meaning of drama with examples from people asked in an entertaining poll in the public. Both discuss issues of drama within family, friendships, not getting sucked in and who at times can actually be drama!*** Coming Up for Air brings together two inspiring moms, for thoughtful discussion of topics pertaining to addiction in the family. Both Annie Highwater and Laurie MacDougall have adult sons in recovery from opiate addiction. They also consider themselves to be in recovery, and have made self-care a central goal of their lives. Both use the CRAFT approach for addiction in the family. Allies in Recovery offers affordable memberships to our exclusive member-only website. On our site, you will learn the CRAFT method which is an alternative to the conventional "intervention" so often seen on TV, and which simply fails to motivate our addicted loved ones, most of the time. Visit for more information, to sign up for Module 1 for free, or to join today!

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