Canned Air #460 The Talking Bread: Volume 1
Canned Air: A Tribute to Pop Culture · 57 minutes ·

Canned Air #460 The Talking Bread: Volume 1

We welcome back comic creator Kieran Jack this week to first help us look up some notorious cryptids in our Retro Roundtable! We look at the supposed stories of Hanger 18, the Loveland Frog Men, the Lake Erie monster, and more. Tell us know your picks on Facebook and Instagram!
Then we turn talk to Kieran about his Kickstarter running until November 6th for The Talking Bread: Volume 1. 18 slices of sentient bread are accidentally unleashed on a city, their insane creator the Master Baker and his creation of bakery monsters will stop at nothing to recapture his carbohydrate creations. The Talking Bread is a 64 page trade paperback collection of issue 1 to 3 from the comic book series. The collection has been remastered in full colour, it also includes The Baking Of, a behind the scenes look at the creative process from its conception in 2015 to the now. Don’t miss your chance to get your copy at the link below!
The Talking Bread Kickstarter Link:
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