Canned Air #466 Flight of the Phantasmadactyls
Canned Air: A Tribute to Pop Culture · 57 minutes ·

Canned Air #466 Flight of the Phantasmadactyls

Writer Matt Schorr returns this week to first help us recall characters who find themselves in new worlds in our Retro Roundtable! We look at movies like Super Mario Bros., Masters of the Universe, Land of the Lost, and more. Let us know your picks on Insta and Facebook!
Then we talk with Matt about his Kickstarter running until Dec. 25th for his new book, Flight of the Phantasmadactyls! There's a new, never-before-seen terror in the skies. Thanks to a greedy man unearthing forbidden technology from the past, spectral creatures from another world have crossed over to ours. They're big. They're dangerous. And they're hungry. Check out Matt’s Kickstarter at the link below to get your copy!
Kickstarter Link:
Twitter: @theMattSchorr
Instagram: @theSchorr
Twitter: @CannedAirPod
Instagram: @Canned_Air
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