An avalanche took her life, the healing power of nature saved his
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An avalanche took her life, the healing power of nature saved his

Adam Campbell is a record-holding life-long mountain adventure athlete, but no amount of experience could have prepared him for the day he accidentally triggered a massive avalanche that took the life of his beloved wife Laura. In this raw and tender episode, we talk about when things fall apart, emotional coping mechanisms, identity, the non-linear nature of grief, healing from grief, the power of vulnerability, and how just a little bit of kindness and gentleness can go a long way.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The root of Adam’s love and connection with the outdoors.
  • His move back to Canada and navigating the divorce of his first wife.
  • The early days of falling in love with his wife, Laura.
  • His near-fatal climbing accident - falling 200 ft down a mountain.
  • How gratitude and love were instrumental in his recovery.
  • Losing his wife, Laura, in a tragic avalanche.
  • The process of grief, healing, and returning to the scene of Laura’s accident

Episode benefitting Climbing Grief Fund

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