He knew he was loved by his mother, and because she loved him, Yusuf Dahl knew he was worth something. Growing up in a food insecure and financially unstable household in Milwaukee taught Yusuf what not to do in order to be a successful adult. Those lessons made him a profitable drug dealer. After landing in prison, however, Yusuf began applying himself in a new way. The investment in himself set him up for a future he never could have imagined, including a degree at Princeton, a real estate career, and a mission to make housing more affordable and available for everyone.

In this episode:

  • The right to affordable housing.
  • The influence our parents and guardians have on us.
  • How we view our community matters.
  • The role demographics plays in the trajectory of your life.
  • Learning to respond to challenges and adversity with optimism.

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Article: Strom Thurmond blocked me from renting a home

Twitter: @YusufDahl

Instagram: @yusufdahl

Charity Donation: The Petey Greene Program

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