Lessons on Grief and Gratitude from a Two-Time Plane Crash Survivor
All The Wiser · 41 minutes ·

Lessons on Grief and Gratitude from a Two-Time Plane Crash Survivor

Austin Hatch is one in a million. Scratch that. One in 3.4 million. Those were odds that an MIT statistician gave of him surviving the plane crash that killed his mom and two siblings. But then, just days after being accepted to play basketball for his dream school, the University of Michigan, Austin was in a second plane crash – this one claiming the lives of his dad Steve and his step-mom Julie. Yet with all this loss, Austin has found a way to keep living by finding ways to honor the family he loved. His gratitude for life and his message of creating your legacy every day has inspired people all over the world to reconcile living while coping with tragedy. 

In this episode:

  • Legacy is your day to day actions.
  • The importance of staying busy in the wake of tragedy, loss and trauma.
  • Honoring the life of someone you lost by contributing to the world.
  • Living a life that is defined by what is beyond tragedy.

Stay connected to Austin:

Website: www.austin-hatch.com

LinkedIn: Austin Hatch

Twitter: @AustinHatch30

Charity: Erin’s House

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