The Hilarious World of Mental Illness and Recovery
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The Hilarious World of Mental Illness and Recovery

Most people don’t change unless they have to. For Paul Gilmartin, it was facing a life without experiencing the intimacy he saw other people had. First he needed to know how to deal with his feelings and then find healthy ways to express them, which he does very openly on his popular podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour. But the biggest piece of the puzzle for Paul was facing the childhood trauma he spent 20 years avoiding through therapy, support groups and sobriety.  

Article referenced:

Dr. Alan Rappaport called Co-Narcissism

Book referenced:

A Gentle Path by Patrick J. Carnes

Kimi's episode on All The Wiser

In this episode:

  • The complexity of our relationships with people, that there can be so much good and so much darkness…both at the same time.
  • The pressures of “doing television” and the compromises that come with it. 
  • Choosing to talk about hard things in order to develop trust with people in order for them to bravely meet you.
  • The feeling of a life unlived. Sadness, anger, feeling suicidal, having a great life on paper but not being able to feel it.
  • Being a cheerleader for people to get help and encouraging them to be transparent and honest.

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Facebook: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Instagram: @mentalpod

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