235: Bonus Episode- Interview with Dustin Pearson

235: Bonus Episode- Interview with Dustin Pearson

Dustin is a seven year educator in suburban Kansas City Missouri who teaches high school special education. Dustin is a devout believer and practitioner of relationship building with all stakeholders and uses differentiated instruction, PBL, Inquiry, and career based practices to prepare his students for post secondary success. Dustin is also a leader, writer, learner, and implements a holistic whole child approach that is based on reflection, mindfulness, and compassion. Dustin is completing his first novel on building effective co teaching teams and will begin his doctoral in Educational Leadership in the summer of 2021. Tune in to for this special bonus edition episode which includes an interview with Dustin Pearson.
QuotablesBuild relationships with all stakeholders. Build strong partnerships with partners and work together. Communicate all the time and have that consistent flow of communication.
90% of parent interactions are positive. They just want you to have a positive experience with their child.
I take what I do seriously, but I don’t take myself seriously. When I look at great teachers, I look at someone who really has passion for really helping our youth be better citizens for tomorrow. I look at someone who is a relationships builder with stakeholders. I look at someone who is a communicator. I look at someone who is innovative and takes chances. I look at somebody that has a growth mindset and someone who is striving to be better.  
New Teachers- We are here to help and we are here to support you, guide you and to listen to you. Maintain the positive mindset and know that everyday is new day to grow and to have an impact. Reach out because there are so many educators that want to help you.
Distressed teachers- Know that you are not alone. What you are feeling is natural because you are human. Those feelings aren’t always going to be there. Be a little selfish and take care of you first. If you can’t or don’t take care of you, your students aren’t getting the best of you. Adopt mindfulness.
Stop thinking within the wall of your school or district. There is something out there for everyone if you are willing to look. Explore multiple outlets for growth. 
If you set up the environment so that students can excel and teach each other you can step back for a moment and just watch it unfold.
Building Effective Co-Teaching Teams is a book Dustin is currently writing. It explains how Dustin has used them, what it is, sample lessons, different models, and educator spotlights from educators around the world. Coming soon!
As a mentor you need to ask why. Ask why did you do this? What is your goal? Give resources and strategies that are available.

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Check back soon for Dustin's Book!

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