From the Profession of Arms to Professional Athlete with Alejandro Villanueva
Always in Pursuit · 59 minutes ·

From the Profession of Arms to Professional Athlete with Alejandro Villanueva

There are two qualities that will make anyone successful in the military - hard work and dedication. West Point grad, former 1/75 Ranger and freshly-retired NFL player Alejandro Villanueva breaks down how those same two qualities, over time, can make you successful anywhere - from college, to the Army, and all the way to the National Football League.

AIP co-host Mike Lavigne had to choke back some of his Baltimore Ravens fanaticism to make it through the hour conversation with Alejandro, who takes us on his journey from going to high school with military kids, barely speaking English and taking up this new game of American football, to being a two-time Pro Bowler with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Alejandro’s raw feelings about the war in Afghanistan, the role of veterans in society, and what’s next for him are all in this episode of Always in Pursuit!

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