How to Enhance Your Life with Mindfulness and Yoga with Dr. Daniel Libby
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How to Enhance Your Life with Mindfulness and Yoga with Dr. Daniel Libby

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Daniel Libby who is the founder of Veterans Yoga Project (VYP). He talks about how he got started in yoga, mindfulness, and veteran support. His admiration for veterans and the realization that we invest a lot in Soldiers and their training. However, we don’t take a deliberate approach to their mental and physical health. VYP hopes to help this effort and provide resources in and out of uniform. Dr. Libby’s own trauma and struggles were also a factor that fueled his passion for helping others. 

He also discussed how Post Traumatic Growth is about the mentality that we can’t change the past, but we can use it as a pivot point to grow from and impact others. He and his team hope they can create a space where others can come to seek help while feeling comfortable doing so. 

A key part to this episode is that when we are mindful about our breathing, we have the ability to calm ourselves down, increase awareness, and can use this to increase positive energy in our lives. Not by manipulating the mind or surroundings, but by influencing our focus. 

If you’ve ever fired a weapon, you’ve done yoga. So, yoga and mindfulness are additional tools we can use to prepare for stressful situations where focus is key. He started VYP because he wanted to bring these tools to veterans to help recover from traumatic situations and give them an incredibly impactful tool to enhance their abilities. A  key part of this episode is to raise awareness of what VYP can offer. 

This is an episode with one of the leading experts about yoga, mindfulness, how Veterans can use it in their current roles, and to help with PTSD. So please help get the message out to others so they  can utilize this amazing resource! 

Find the Veterans Yoga Project and Dr. Libby 

Veteran's Yoga Project Website 

Dr. Daniel Libby on LinkedIn 

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