6 -  Have The F**king Balls To Fail
Always on the GROW with Manny Vargas · 77 minutes ·

6 - Have The F**king Balls To Fail

Andrew Cartwright, Entrepreneur and Investor, joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss being a millionaire by seventeen and then losing everything which nearly made him take his life. He learned early on that if it was meant to be it was up to him. He learned not to quit and discovered that happiness is simply a decision.

For anyone interested in learning the education of self,  Andrew defines what it takes early on to reach a pinnacle only few can at such a young age. On top of that, how do you get out of the trap of life and avoid giving up. Choose your reality and think to yourself before you depend on them, depend on yourself. 

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

-When Andrew started to dream

-What pushed Andrew to make his own money

-What his dad imprinted in his brain

-Where his money went early on

-What he learned by the age of fifteen

-How Andrew developed his mentality

-What he did after making a million dollars

-Which big network show he created and pitched

-What he thinks about struggle

-What he thinks is the worst mistake you can make

-How Andrew feels about happiness

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