8 - Closing the Hunger Gap
Always on the GROW with Manny Vargas · 52 minutes ·

8 - Closing the Hunger Gap

Brian Burton, CEO of Three Square Food Bank in Southern Nevada, Joins the A Desire to Inspire with Manny Patrick show to discuss his journey in becoming a CEO and leader for an organization that closes the gap on food insecurity in the city of Las Vegas. His belief is that this problem is solvable and will do everything he can with all of the resources available to ensure it takes place. With his team he wants to keep a culture of gratitude, service, and accountability. The mission, he says, is all the same for everyone.

For anyone interested in learning that service and giving is not above anyone. This organization defines the effects of working for a common purpose. From the top down to the bottom the goal is to passionately pursue a hunger free community. It takes an army and watching this one mobilize throughout the city can't help but bring a smile to your face.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

-What made Brian want to get started in the non-profit businesses

-How his journey started

-What age he finished seminary

-Why he got involved with Three Square

-How the non-profit structure works

-How many pounds of food they are distribting each year

-Why they are one of the “most connected” non-profits in the state

-How they measure the success of the organization

-How much of the hunger gap they are meeting

-What motivates the staff daily

-What their non-profit is supposed to do

-What has contributed to Three Square success

-How many meals they have provided


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