Introduction to Exploring Mental Health in the South Asian Community
Intention Podcast with Riya Amrita · 28 minutes ·

Introduction to Exploring Mental Health in the South Asian Community

This introduction episode touches upon a topic which is close to my own experience and many of a South Asian background. In the past and still now, it has been hard for us to talk about our mental health, to articulate it, understand its impact, and how experiences have impacted who we are today - combining two cultures and finding what our individual truth is, actually being able to safely talk about mental health, and support ourselves and our parents/elders in their own experience. Being seen as 'weak' has limited being able to openly discuss mental health, however more recently, with the education available, we can begin to explore how we can connect to our mental health and release stigmas in the community, to allow deeper connections to mind and acknowledging the impact mental health can have on our general being and life.

This topic was at points hard to discuss (touching upon loss also) but I feel so important - the more we talk about it, whether you are South Asian or know/have loved ones who are, our experience is valid and we can connect to it by understanding why we felt certain ways, and how we can allow ourselves to express without shame. 

Please share if this resonates/connects with you or a loved one. 

Thank you for listening

Resources: conflict or the stress of adapting into western society

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