#9 You are Kenough! The Male Psyche & Your Marriage
Marriage is a Joke · 37 minutes ·

#9 You are Kenough! The Male Psyche & Your Marriage

Did you know that men are socialized in our culture to repress certain emotions? As a result, this can lead to isolation, depression, and frustration in marriage. It's important that all men and boys know it's healthy for them to widen their range of emotions. It's also okay to express strength and toughness too! Join Abe and Elaine for a great discussion on the male psyche and how it manifests in marriage. It's crucial that our men and boys understand that their role matters, that their anger may be masking repressed pain, and that we value all their feelings—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Ultimately, the goal is for both partners to feel safe being open and vulnerable in their marriages and families.

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