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The Learning Code

The Learning Code’s Disruptive Innovation Transforms Learning


JW Wilson, founder of The Learning Code Institute and author of Cracking the Learning Code, states that study after study has shown that the greater the meaning in one's life, the faster he/she will learn. So, why doesn’t traditional education support this process? He points to the fact that traditional education’s focus only on “information” delivery is a major reason for the U.S. decline to 29th in the world in education. JW explains that by not allowing our children to access the deeper dimensions of what is meaningful in learning, we have thrust millions of children into a personal learning crisis.

He believes that the methods used in The Learning Code have the ability to quickly transform the status quo, which is why it has been called a Disruptive Innovation. In order to find personal meaning and transform a person's existing neurological structures so they may turn new knowledge into memories, the Learning Code utilizes what JW terms, "The Cycle of Transformation".

In our interview, JW shares the critical role each stage plays and why the Learning Code Science is quickly proving to be the missing piece in the field of education and behavioral change.

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