What is a Primary Residential Parent?
Tennessee Family Law Questions & Answers · 10 minutes ·

What is a Primary Residential Parent?

In Tennessee, the parent with the majority of the parenting time is always designated as the primary residential parent.  But what happens when both parents have equal parenting time with the children?  Who is the primary residential parent?

The parenting plan in Tennessee states that the designation of primary residential parent is SOLELY for purposes of any other applicable state and federal laws. If the parents are listed in Section II of the parenting plan as joint decision-makers, then, for purposes of obtaining health or other insurance, they shall be considered to be joint custodians. THE DESIGNATION DOES NOT AFFECT EITHER PARENT’S RIGHTS OR RESPONSIBILITIES UNDER THIS PARENTING PLAN.

Being named the primary residential parent has little or no meaning.  The most important factor to keep in mind in all custody cases is the best interest of the children.  Keeping that concept front and center in all cases involving children will go a long way to minimize the negative effects of divorce on your children.

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