Sex for Women and Men - a YANB lecture
You Are Not Broken · 37 minutes ·

Sex for Women and Men - a YANB lecture

Join me on a lecture I gave to some surgeons (some of my favorite people BTW).

I discuss - sexual normative roles and how that affects our personal sex lives.

We were taught “sex negative” education – don’t get pregnancy or infections, save it for marriage

What happens when the novelty of sex wears off

Is desire a circumstance, a feeling, a result? Where do we put it in a coaching model.

Desire and sex for women.

What do I mean by crappy sex?

Sex, surgery and mindfulness

Normalizing responsive desire

Sleep and a happy sex life/drive

What is responsive desire?

How alcohol works with the brain to hurt/help our sex drive

Why older people have great sex

Why our thoughts about our spouse helps or hurts our sex life – and our thoughts are completely under our control.

Do you desire what you already have?

Why textbooks dedicate way more space to male sexual organs than female.

Anatomy lesson

Why PIV sex doesn’t work for female orgasms

Are you “should-ing” all over your sex life?

We finish this episode with some coaching on our sex life – we use the “model” from The Life Coach School.

If you want a good sex life you can’t be passive about it.

What does a sexually satisfied woman do well?

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